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ONG Safestix are a fantastic toy for games of fetch, and offer a safer, more long-lasting alternative to wooden sticks or branches.

Dogs love to chase after sticks, but often the pieces of wood found on a walk can be dangerous, and may lead to injuries. Sharp pieces of stick can break off and become lodged in the soft tissues between the teeth, and injuries to the eyes and nose are common. Internal injuries caused by inhaling or ingesting small pieces of the stick or bark can also occur.

KONG Safestix are the perfect alternative to sharp, splintered wood sticks. Your dog can fetch, tug and chew to their heart’s content, and you can have the peace of mind that your dog is safe from injury.

The long, bendy, flexible KONG Safestix are made from one continuous piece of thermoplastic rubber, so there are no parts that can break off, and the round knobs on the ends provide an additional safety feature while also giving dog owners a good grip for games of fetch and tug. The textured surface makes it fun for your dog to chew on, and the flexible material is soft and gentle on teeth.

KONG Safestix can be thrown much further than your average wooden stick, and the bright colours stand out in long grass and bushes, making it easy for you and your dog to find and retrieve the Safestix, no matter where it lands. An ideal toy for summer and winter, and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors – Safestix are a guaranteed hit with your dog.

KONG Safestix at a glance:

  • Safe fetching toy with no risk of injury
  • Suitable for playing in- and outdoors
  • Extremely durable
  • Bendy and flexible
  • Gentle on teeth
  • Can be thrown further than your average stick
  • Floats in water
  • Bright colours for easy retrieval
  • Material: thermoplastic rubber

Kong safe sticks

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