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A ready to feed turmeric supplement in the form of a paste. Made from the highest quality ingredients to ensure the best possible results.

Golden Paste Turmeric for dogs has been specifically formulated to enhance the bioavailability (activating the key ingredients) and what’s more…no mixing required, just open and squeeze!

This user-friendly paste comes in a squeezable, fully recyclable plastic pouch.

Suitable for Raw diets.


1/4 teaspoon twice daily - 100g will last 40 days. (200, 80 days)

1/2 teaspoon twice daily - 100g will last 20 days. (200g, 40 days)

1 teaspoon twice daily - 100g will last 10 days. (200g, 20 days)


Joint health – supports the body’s natural inflammation processes.

Wellbeing – helps support the immune system and maintain general health.

Aids digestion – supports the microflora which naturally occurs in the stomach.

Coat and skin – helps to keep the coat healthy and shiny.


Specifically formulated so the turmeric is activated and easily absorbed by the body.

Suitable for all ages and diets – puppies and seniors on raw, kibble or canned food.

Our customers have seen benefits in their pets with the following conditions: arthritis, hip dysplasia and other inflammatory diseases or injuries.

Our feeding guidelines mean you can increase or decrease the dosage to suit your pet, as you see the desired benefits.

Golden Turmeric Paste

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