Adaptil Junior Collar for Dogs is an effective solution to comfort newly adopted puppies.

The first 3 – 16 weeks of your puppy’s life is a very important stage for learning and using the Adaptil Junior Collar will help your puppy learn better and faster and develop into a well-balanced adult dog.

Designed to send “comforting messages” that help your puppy feel the same comfort and security as they did with their mother, the Adaptil Collar provides up to 4 weeks of constant support and will help your puppy with new challenges such as:

  • Crying throughout the night
  • Staying home alone
  • Loud Noises
  • Car Travel
  • Promotes better socialisation and improves learning

The collar is fully adjustable, and fits necks up to 37.5cm (up to approximately 15kg)

Adaptil Junior Collar for Dogs


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