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A message from Scoff Paper... Birthdays are great – but dog birthdays are better. It’s a day when nobody can stop you just going all out for your dog. You don’t get judged (much), you just get to treat that special someone the way they love to be treated. With this birthday card that your dogs can eat, imagine the joy on their little face, while they look on, confused, with their little party hat on their head. The second you open the envelope, they’ll smell the strong flavour of a tasty treat, and will, undoubtedly, love you forever. Available in chicken, bacon, cheese, peanut butter or bacon (but not all at once). It’s surprisingly vegan friendly, grain free, gluten free and contains absolutely no rawhide. It’s just good eats, and birthday treats. All of our materials and packaging are recyclable and our cellophane wrapping is biodegradable. So we are good for dogs, and good for the planet too! Buy the Edible Pen to write your message inside the card!




Potato starch , olive oil

Scofts paper edible cards

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