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Savic Cottage Crate

Perfect for your home or car, this Savic Cottage Crate is made from durable, black powder coated steel wire of the highest grade. The cage is really easy to set up or fold down, which makes it ideal to take with you when travelling with your pet. There are handles on both sides for ease of transport. Dog crates can also be used for prevention and assistance in resolving behavioural problems. Finally, dog crates provide a secure and safe place to sleep.

Key Features

  • * Fold-down assembly is fast and manageable
  • * Two doors for easy entrance, one in front and one at the side (except X-Small and Small sizes)
  • * X-Small and Small sizes have front and top doors, ideal for getting puppies in and out
  • * Has an easy to clean removable plastic tray with a moat built in to keep your dog dry
  • * Plastic tray ensures that there are no sharp edges and no rattling during travel
  • * Has access flap to easily remove base pan for cleaning

Size Guide*


*Savic Cottage Size Guide

Please note: These breed recommendations are for guidance only. Within each breed, dogs can vary in size considerably. If you plan to use the dog crate while travelling, please check the dimensions which are suitable for your car

Savic dog cottage crate