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The No Fuss Fill® Rak Hygienically store up to 3  stuffable enrichment toys in your fridge or freezer. Designed with a drip tray at the base it prevents spillage and contamination with human food in your fridge. The SkooPrep® Rak makes filling toys easy. The clear acrylic design works with any kitchen decor style. The Ready Rak comes with four non-slip feet on the base so that it is secure in your fridge, freezer or on your countertop Happy People Say ... "Amazing product :) we use kongs regularly and I find I always wrap them in cling film to store in the fridge or freezer. Not only a waste but not great for the environment. This rack is fantastic and means I can store it in the fridge or freezer easily without taking up too much space , it also has a great drip tray too in case there are any leaks. This is a great product for any kong lover " "This is amazing I highly recommend these to all the owners we see during our training consultations, it is a game changer "

No Fuss rak

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