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The No Fuss Fill ® is the easy way to fill enrichment toys  *Save Time *Quick & easy *No Mess Filling toys can be fiddly, messy and time-consuming Works with a large variety of food types even works including minced raw! Designed and made in the UK the No Fuss Fill ® Can be quickly filled with a tablespoon or pushed straight into meat in trays for a super quick fill Protected Design leaves minimal residue in the barrel Fridge -Freezer safe - Dishwasher Safe Happy People Say ... "The No Fuss Fill will change your life! It's everything you need and more to up your enrichment game! Less time, less mess = enrichment success! " "Absolutely love our no fuss fill device, it’s brilliant. Such a time saver for filling enrichment toys and works perfectly with the boy's raw meals. Have recommended this to my friends that have dogs as it is a game changer. "Best enrichment tool ever! I've never seen anything like it. It makes enrichment prep so much easier!"

No fuss Fill

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