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This dishwasher safe silicone brush with stainless steel handle is perfect for quickly, easily, and hygienically cleaning ' stuffable' enrichment toys. The soft BPA free brush moves easily into small spaces removing any food residue left inside the toy Happy People Say ... "Great brush to clean my Sodapup and Kong toys! My hands are achy, so cleaning Mango's toys have been difficult for me, but this brush really helps my hands and doesn't put a strain on them at all. I'm very happy with my purchase! " "This is my favourite thing I have bought this year! It is amazing to get in all the corners and hard to reach areas in enrichment toys. Good doesn’t get stuck to it either like it sometimes will on the bristles of a brush. I use it on all the dog food toys now, not just Kong's and Toppls. It’s even great to clean lick mats and bowls as it gets in all the little grooves. Makes life so much easier, great product! "

No fuss cleaning brush

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