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Balanced Blend Of Dietary Fibres, Naturally Hypoallergenic, Gentle On Sensitive Tummies and Supports The Immune System.


This product contains the following special ingredients and benefits to care for your dog's health and wellbeing:


  • Fish Meal - A natural source of high quality protein and fish oil, rich in omega 3 to help give a glossy, healthy coat.
  • Smaller Kibble - Smaller kibble for smaller mouths.
  • Green Tea Extract - A natural source of flavonoid antioxidants.
  • Cranberry Extract - Natural organic acids and anthocyanadins found in cranberry juice.
  • Prebiotics - Natural inulin from chicory, helping to maintain a healthy gut flora.
  • Antioxidants - Natural antioxidants from pomegranate, green tea and rosemary to support the immune system.




Product Information

Specially crafted for pets who are sensitive to cereals, we've taken a handful of nature's nourishing ingredients and combined them with sustainably sourced fish, predominantly ocean white fish. Then, using all our knowledge and experience, we've added all the vitamins and minerals your pet needs to stay happy, healthy and full of life.

Recommended for

Complete Dry Dog Food for Small Breeds up to 10kg

Adult Small Breed Aged 6 Months - 10 Years


*The age your dog transitions to Adult food is dependent on their Adult weight. Please check feeding guidelines for more details.


Fish meal* (29.5%), pea starch (24%), potato flakes (19.4%), olive oil, fish stock, tomato pomace (3.6%), whole linseed, fish oil, sugar beet pulp, peas, alfalfa meal, carrots (0.5%), dried vegetarian stock, seaweed, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, chicory extract (0.1%), calcium carbonate (0.082%), green tea extract (0.054%), cranberry extract (0.05%), yucca extract, pomegranate extract (0.001%), rosemary extract (0.001%). *Sustainably sourced, predominantly ocean white fish.


Protein: 24.0 ; fat content: 12.5 ; crude ash: 9.0 ; crude fibre: 3.2 ; omega 3 fatty acids: 1.6 ;omega 6 fatty acids: 1.7 ; Vitamin E: 150 mg/kg


A complete dry food with the bonus that it is hypo-allergenic. With selected protein source (fish) and selected carbohydrate sources of potatoes and peas, it is a dietetic food, excellent for the reduction of ingredient and nutrient intolerances. We suggest that the food be tried for a period of 3 to 8 weeks. If the signs of the food intolerance disappear, continue feeding indefinitely.

Feeding Guide


High activity = 58-95g

Normal activity = 50-85g

Low activity = 45-75g


High activity = 95-130g

Normal activity = 85-115g

Low activity = 75-100g


High activity = 130-165g

Normal activity = 115-145g

Low activity = 100-125g


High activity = 165-195g

Normal activity = 145-170g

Low activity = 125-145g

The recommended daily serving is only a guide as requirements cab vary considerably from dog to dog. The daily serving should be adjusted according to the body condition of your dog. If uncertain then seek the advice of a vet or specialist. Please always ensure that fresh drinking water is available.

Storage Information

This food is made with natural ingredients, and freshness and taste will be reduced if stored open for long periods. Store in a cool dry place. Keep closed between uses and store the bag in an airtight container if it is to be kept for more than 3 to 4 weeks after opening.

Fresh drinking water should always be provided.

James welbelovedgrain free small breed fish 1.5kg

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