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Cat's Best 's Oko Plus Clumping Cat Litter is made from 100% organic fibre and is gentle on your cats paws. This clever cat litter has:

Excellent Odour Control

This clever cat litter's organic fibre has an ultrafine capillary system which acts like a natural odour and germ trap while absorbing moisture quickly. This helps stop odours developing over a period of time, so there is no need to clean and refill as often.

Better Absorption

Cat's Best Oko Plus yields up to 3 times more than conventional clumping cat litter, absorbing up to 700% of its own weight in liquid, meaning that you use less, saving money over time.

Environmentally friendly disposal

Cat's Best Cat Litter is made from 100% natural plant fibre, and is 100% compostable and biodegradable. You can dispose of your cat litter in your garden compost, or even in your normal household toilet (please see packaging for details and check your local disposal regulations).

Cats best oko plus 4.3kg

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