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Canident is an all-natural seaweed feed supplement made from sustainably harvested brown Seaweed from the Atlantic coast of Ireland. Dried at low temperatures, this all-natural organic seaweed contains no artificial chemicals or additives. Formulated by Marine Scientists. 

The seaweeds in Canident have been shown to possess anti-microbial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, along with a range of bioavailable vitamins, minerals and trace elements. When added to your dogs diet, these properties in Canident work systematically. 

Customers report that this product can help with their pets dental health.

Recommended Daily Dosage (each tub contains a 2g scoop for easy measurment):

  • Small Dogs & Cats (up to 10kg): 0.5 - 1 scoop (lasts 150 days)
  • Medium Dogs (10 - 20kg): 1 - 2 scoops (lasts 75 days)
  • Large Dogs (20kg+): 2 - 3 scoops (lasts 37 days)

TIP: If your dog or cat has not eaten saweed before, start with a small amount and increase until the feeding recommendation has been reached, to allow your dog to get used to the taste. If Canident is not having a positive effect after a couple of months, then increase the amount been fed.

NOT recommended for animals undergoing treatment for hyperthyroidism. Also please be mindful of what other sources of seaweed is in your pets diet, such as from other supplements. 

How to Use

  • Sprinkle this easy to use milled powder on every meal and mix thoroughly
  • Use for 12 - 15 weeks
  • Add abrasion (bones etc)

 Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened use within 1 year.

Canident Plaque control 150g

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