Fully compostable and biodegradable dog waste bags. Keep away from children! Thank you for making a difference! What is a Biobag? A certified compostable BioBag is an earth friendly alternative that can be returned to the earth as harmless organic matter, instead of breaking down into harmful microplastics. A BioBag will not release microplastics if it ends up in nature. BioBag products are made from Mater-Bi which is a mixture of compostable polymers and starch. What Does Compostable Mean? Composting is the best end of life option because the bag can be composted to create nutrient rich soil. BioBags are certified compostable so you can be sure they will biodegrade in an environment where microorganisms are active. BioBag products do not degrade biologically during storage, but the biological raw materials weaken over time. BioBag is a world leader in certified compostable and biodegradable bags.


  • Bio-Degradable and Compostable
  • No Micro-Plastic Earth Friendly



Country of Origin

Produce of the EU


BioBag compostable poop bags 40pack