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Atlas and Tail Venison Skin Chews are gently dehydrated to make sure they keep all of their natural goodness and great taste. These super low fat dog chews are long lasting, delicious and promote good oral health as your dog chews.

Venison is a novel protein, meaning it’s typically well tolerated by dogs who suffer from allergies, food intolerances and even those with sensitive digestion. They’re also fantastic for overweight dogs and those in need of a lower fat diet.

Atlas and Tail’s Tasty Venison chews come in a generous 500 gram bag. They are a natural product and not made by machine, meaning the shape, colour and size can vary.

These chews are a complimentary treats to be fed along side a balanced diet. Suitable for puppies from 12 weeks of age, under supervision. Please make sure there is always water readily available. Store is a cool, dry place.

Atlas and tails venison chews 500g ***AMAZING VALUE ***

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