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Ostrich Bone

A big bone for dogs who just can’t resist a good chew! Atlas and Tail Ostrich Bone is gently dried, not cooked! Chewing this bone will not only release calming endorphins in your dog’s brain, it will also promote healthy teeth and gums.

The Bone is low in fat and is an ideal long lasting chew – even for dogs with food intolerances and allergies. Free from preservatives, colouring, flavourings and other nasty ingredients, so you can be sure your pet is having only the best.

Atlas and Tail Ostrich Bones are typically 25-30cms long, 5-10cms wide and come as a single piece. They are a natural product and not machine made, meaning the shape, colour and size can vary.

These are a complementary treat to be fed in moderation, along side a balanced diet. Due to a slight risk of splintering, please make sure to always supervise your dog when chewing. Please make sure that fresh water is always readily available. Store in a cool, dark place


Composition of Atlas and Tail Ostrich Bone:

100% Ostrich Bone

Analytical Constituents:

Crude protein: 86%
Crude fats: 8%
Ash: 3%

Atlas and tails Ostrich Bone1