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Atlas and Tail Camel All-Sorts is a pick and mix bag of natural and nutritious goodies for dogs. The All-Sorts bag contains 250 grams worth of  gently dried camel treats which could include camel tripe, lung, skin, strips, trachea and other surprises – you’re sure to get a fun mix of snacks for your dog to enjoy.

The mixed bag is great for dogs who have intolerances to other meats, whilst also providing your dog with the variety they want. The mix is also useful if you have multiple dogs who require treats of different textures, hardness and sizes.

These goodies are complementary treats to be fed in moderation, as part of your dog’s balanced diet. They are suitable for puppies over 12 weeks of age under supervision. Please make sure that fresh water is always readily available. Store in a cool, dark place.

Atlas and tails Camel all-sorts 250g

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