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Bull Pizzle treats are one of the most popular treats around, and it’s for a great reason. They are long lasting, great for dental health and dogs absolutely love them. Giving your dog a pizzle chew keeps them occupied and releases calming and soothing endorphins in their brain as they chew. These chews are healthy and 100% natural.

Beef is a great source of high quality protein, rich in Zinc, Selenium, Iron and Vitamins B12, B3 and B6.

Atlas and Tail Bull Pizzles come in 3 sizes – 12cm, 15cm and a huge 25cm – so there’s size to suit every dog’s need. They are a natural product and not machine made, meaning the shape, colour and size can vary.

These chews are a complimentary treats to be fed along side a balanced diet. Suitable for puppies from 12 weeks of age, under supervision. Please make sure there is always water readily available. Store is a cool, dry place.

Atlas and tails Bull Pizzle 35mc **GREAT VALUE **

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