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Adaptil Collar for Dogs has been formulated for dogs to help relieve stress.

The collars offer a natural and convenient way to help manage stress-related behaviours in your dog or puppy.

Lactating bitches naturally produce an appeasing pheromone. This pheromone provides reassurance to puppies, helping them feel safe and secure when encountering new experiences and unknown environments.

Research has proven that a synthetic analogue of the dog appeasing pheromone provides reassurance and comfort to puppies and dogs of all ages. The Adaptil Collar is useful for the introduction of new puppies, puppy socialization, boarding, grooming, walking, gunshots, fireworks and the fear of travelling.

Adaptil collar will last up to 4 weeks and can be used alongside Adaptil Diffuser or adaptil Spray as required.

Size Guide:

Suitable for Puppies and Dogs with necks up to 37.5cm
Suitable for Dogs with necks up to 63.5cm

Adaptil Collar for Dog Small